By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>


Here's my github page.


Arnt Gulbrandsen and I wrote Archiveopteryx, an open-source mail archive server. (The company we founded to develop it, Oryx Mail Systems GmbH, no longer exists, but we still maintain the software in our spare time.)


Snippets is a Jabber bot that is meant to help teams of developers communicate with each other. It periodically asks each team member what they are working on, and shows the answers on a simple web interface.


Inspector34 is a transparent web proxy that records requests and responses for later playback and comparison. Useful for regression testing.


Loathsxome is a minimalist and opinionated weblog program inspired by Blosxom.


I have contributed a variety of patches to Postgres over the years, including PQprepare() in libpq, \ef in psql, a number of PL/Perl improvements (RETURN NEXT, spi_query/spi_fetchrow, and bugfixes), and others.

I also wrote a complete Postgres protocol dissector for Ethereal (now Wireshark).

Other programs

Here's a list of CPAN modules I wrote or maintain.

(There were many things on my old web site that are not here. Let me know if you're missing something.)