The Advisory Boar

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

At last, a nicer keyboard

The TVS Gold is an all-plastic, entry-level keyboard with mechanical keys. It's definitely nicer to use than cheap membrane keyboards.

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Nokia 7210 as a GPRS modem under Linux

Here's a brief report of the Nokia 7210 Supernova, which does GPRS and Bluetooth well enough to be used as a modem with our Lenovo S10 on a trip out of town.

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Nikon Trailblazer Binoculars

I'm often asked about my binoculars, Nikon Trailblazer ATB 8x42s (often mistaken for the Monarch 8x42, but a lower-end model). Here's what I usually tell people about them.

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Ubuntu 9.10 works on the Lenovo Ideapad S10

I installed Ubuntu 9.10 on our Lenovo Ideapad S10 (which was running 8.10), and I also got to install it on a friend's new S10-2. There's little to report in either case.

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I bought a Nokia 1202 phone

A brief review of the cheapest Nokia handset ever manufactured.

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Second thoughts about the Simvalley PICO RX-80

After a few weeks of using the phone, I'm less thrilled than I was at first.

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My beloved Chenbro PC-611 cabinet

The first “real” tower cabinet I bought was worth the enormous premium I paid compared to generic cabinets.

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Simvalley PICO RX-80 mobile phone

My long-suffering Nokia 6610i fell on its head a few days ago, and its screen died. My friend Arnt told me about the tiny Simvalley PICO RX-80 mobile phone, and was kind enough to send me one a few days later when I told him—sadly—that it wasn't available here.

There's surprisingly little information about this phone on the web. A bunch of blog posts copied almost verbatim from this one (they all have the same three or four photographs, and claim the phone has dimensions of "50x800x10mm"!), and this German video. Here are my brief but non-boilerplate initial impressions of the RX-80.

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Canon EOS D30 to 40D

In late 2003, Elaine Ashton very kindly offered to give me her old Canon EOS D30, because she was upgrading to a 10D. The camera travelled from Finland to Germany by post, then to India with a friend early the next year; and in August, I bought a 50/1.8 lens and took my first digital photographs. (Here's one of them.)

In January 2008, my parents very kindly got me a Canon EOS 40D for my birthday. Amazon shipped it to Chicago, and it travelled to India with a friend in February. We took it with us on a camping trip to the Himalayas at the end of the month (here's one of the first photos), and I've been using it ever since.

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OpenWRT and DD-WRT on the Linksys WAP54G 3.1

This page is about my experience with installing, using, hating, breaking, bricking, reviving, and reconfiguring the Linksys WAP54G wireless access point we bought in August 2008.

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