Installing CentOS 5.3 remotely

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

While moving a client's moderately complex mail and web setup to a new machine, I discovered that it ran an older version of CentOS than the existing server (4.8 vs. 5). I got all the relevant software installed, but major-version differences in packages like Apache and MySQL made me feel less than confident about putting the result into production right away.

The client and I agreed that it would be best to run CentOS 5.x on the new server, so I started looking for a way to upgrade. GigeNET support suggested “yum update” and “yum upgrade -y”, but those commands are analogous to Debian's “apt-get upgrade” and I wanted something like “apt-get dist-upgrade”. In fact, there doesn't seem to be any recommended way to remotely upgrade CentOS. Fair enough. I wouldn't want to mess with a running server either, but this was a special case.

After a little research, I found this blog post about remotely reinstalling CentOS by booting the PXE installer images via grub and connecting to the running installer using VNC. It sounded promising, if a bit risky. I decided to try it, based on an endorsement of the method by #centos, because I saw no other realistic options.

The crux of the technique is to boot from an entry like the following in /boot/grub/menu.lst:

title CentOS installer
    root (hd0,0)
    initrd /initrd-pxe
    kernel /vmlinuz-pxe vnc vncpassword=whatever headless ip=A.B.C.D netmask=N.N.N.N gateway=N.N.N.N dns=N.N.N.N ksdevice=eth0 method= lang=en_US keymap=us

The server took forever to come up after I rebooted (I suspect that it runs a slow self-test on 4GB of RAM, and I foresee many panic-filled moments in my future in which I wonder if the machine is ever going to come back up), but I was able to connect to it afterwards using a VNC client (xvnc4viewer, which I installed while waiting). To my surprise, the entire experience was quite pleasant. The installer was much more responsive than I had expected based on my experience, many years ago, of remotely installing Oracle 8i using the (then shiny new) Java installer via X forwarded over SSH on a 14.4k PPP link. I grabbed a quick nap while the installer downloaded packages.

When I woke up, the installer had reached the "Click Reboot to finish installation" stage, but the VNC session was unresponsive because my PPPoE link went down and came back up with a different IP sometime during the night. I restarted xvncviewer, but it claimed the server was in use (even after an hour) and wouldn't let me reconnect. I took a chance and rebooted the server using the hosting provider's web-based administration interface, hoping that the installer wasn't lying about having no more work to do.

After another heart-stopping wait, however, the shiny new CentOS 5.3 server came up just fine.