Another brief visit to the Consumer Forum

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

After my farcical last appearance before the District Consumer Forum, I wasn't expecting much from today's hearing. To my surprise, however, someone from Exide (an ordinary bloke, not a lawyer) was present today. The (lone) presiding Forum member asked for our names, noted our appearance in the file, gave the Exide guy a copy of the complaint (it turns out that the notification sent by the DCF is only a summons to collect a copy of the complaint), and told us to come back a month later. I didn't need to do anything at all.

I'll have to wait until the end of November (at least) to find out how Exide will respond to my complaint. At this rate, I will need to buy new batteries long before the court decides whether Exide should replace the old ones or not.