Consumer court: WTF?

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

After the court's stern admonishment to Exide at the last hearing, I really thought today was the day when my arguments were finally going to be heard (since Exide has made no attempt to settle in the meantime).

But I didn't expect today's strategy. The lawyer sent his minion to say that he was "on his way", so my case was passed over. Then I was called again at the end, when he had still not arrived. I requested the bench to hear my arguments, but they said it wasn't possible today (apparently because only two judges were there, and the panel's composition would be changing again). So they gave me a date one month later, and I left… and two minutes later, the Exide lawyer walked in. But even though I saw him and turned back, the two judges were already getting ready to leave, and weren't inclined to tarry.

Oh well.