Virtual servers at E2E Networks

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

For a recent project, I needed to find reliable server hosting with good connectivity inside India. After doing some research, I decided to use E2E Networks, which offers reasonably-configured virtual servers at good prices, and has well-connected hosting facilities in Delhi and Mumbai.

The server was commissioned within a few hours of paying for it, and E2E support has been consistently responsive and helpful. I had no trouble setting up the server the way I wanted (despite being their first 64-bit Debian squeeze VM), and it's been working nicely ever since (three weeks now), with no network or service outages that I've noticed.

Upon request, E2E hooked me into their Zabbix monitoring setup, so I get SMS alerts if anything breaks, and my client's IT people are entertained by nice graphs of CPU and RAM usage (which are mostly flatlined near the X-axis, so the sudden spikes when I compile something or a cron job kicks in are causes for much excitement).

One minor oddity is that their accounting process depends on ssh-ing to your server as root every five minutes. That, plus the five-minute connections from zabbix_agent to Postfix and nginx, make for quite a bit of noise in the logs.

E2E's carefully-chosen peering arrangements deliver on their promise of low latency in India. I'm used to 300–500ms latency while accessing servers in Europe and the US, and was pleasantly surprised at how much nicer it is to ssh to a server that's only 50–70ms away.

It's too early to say anything about long-term reliability, but all the signs so far have been promising. E2E is worth a good long look if you need hosting in India.

(Aside: Net4India were another option that my clients considered, but they did themselves no favours by quoting twice the price for much less hardware and a ridiculously inadequate 10GB monthly bandwidth usage allowance. But I will treasure the memory of their area manager's smug answer to my question about actual bandwidth: Infinite!)