The Advisory Boar

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

Mangar banni: bird checklist

My checklist of bird species encountered in and around Mangar banni, a community-protected forest in the Aravali foothills near Delhi.

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Palam Vihar: bird checklist

This is a list of bird species I have identified in Palam Vihar, wedged between the borders of Delhi and Haryana. It is no longer actively maintained.

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Okhla Bird Sanctuary


One way to get to the Sanctuary is to go straight down NH2 (Mathura road) from Ashram chowk, and turn left under the flyover just after passing Apollo Hospital to the left. Keep going straight on, turn right at the end of the road, then turn left onto the Okhla Barrage. The Sanctuary gates are to your left shortly afterwards.

The other route is to go through NOIDA, but due to ongoing construction, many of the exits off the main road may now be blocked. Thus the former route via the Barrage is to be preferred.

See this map for an overview of the area.

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Sultanpur National Park

Sultanpur is a nice place to go bird watching.

The Park is open from 0630 to 1800 from April 1 to September 30 (it closes at 1630 during "winter", from October 1 to March 31). You might have some trouble getting in at 0630 (you can always sneak in through the Rosy Pelican (the next gate to the left), but I didn't tell you that).

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