The Advisory Boar

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

IPv6 support for authbind

A few days ago, my friend Aaron was trying to add IPv6 support to authbind, a program by Ian Jackson which allows unprivileged processes to bind reserved ports through LD_PRELOAD-interception of bind(2) and a setuid-root helper program.

Yesterday, after returning from a long train journey, I took a few hours to decompress and hack the necessary changes together. It turned out to be quite simple. Here's the patch.

The changes have received only light testing, but everything seemed to work in the test cases I contrived. I'll send the patch upstream after a couple of other people confirm that I didn't overlook anything.

Testing and feedback are very welcome.

Update: a week later, at least one site runs the patched authbind in production, and I have sent the patch to the author (with no response yet). The patch is also now cited in a bug report filed against the Debian package.

Update: a year later, Ian Jackson responded to the bug report and said the patch was unacceptable, because it changed the internal calling convention for a helper program. I wanted to redo and resubmit the patch, but couldn't drum up the motivation to actually do so.

Update (2012-06-02): a year and a half after I wrote the patch, Ian Jackson has released authbind 2.0.0 with IPv6 support. A quick glance suggests that he didn't use any of my code.

A photo album with nice URLs

I've always uploaded my photographs into an "img" or a "misc" directory, and handed out URLs like to people. This has worked pretty well.

Occasionally, however, I would upload a group of related photographs, and, tiring quickly of cutting and pasting many URLs, end up writing a little HTML page with links to the images in question.

Eventually, I tired of that too.

Update 2015-10-31: I don't actually use this code any more. It's been replaced by something that works very similarly, but this version is no longer maintained.

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