My passport, at last!

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

Thanks to Hassath's urging, I gathered up the courage to visit the RPO once more, to apply for ECNR status ("emigration check not required").

The information counter gave me a copy of form #2 for INR5. I filled it in, attached a photograph and a self-attested photocopy of my matriculation certificate, waited in another short queue at counter #12, submitted the application along with my passport and INR300. I was told that my passport would be returned by 1300, and that I should wait in another queue to collect it. But I got my passport back a whole ten minutes before 1300, and the ECR stamp had been deleted; the next free page had an ECNR stamp, and all was exactly as it was supposed to have been in the first place.

It's good to know that I won't have to go back to the RPO anytime soon.