Moving the web site

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

I just moved the OBI web site to my new hosted server at Hetzner and—because I couldn't retain my old /29 netblock—to a new IP address as well. Here are a few notes about the migration, including the stupid (but harmless) mistake I made.

The first thing I should have done was to lower the TTL on the A records for and I thought I had set them to 1 hour, but they were actually set to 172000s (~2 days). This meant I had to wait much longer before I could be sure the move was complete; see below for more.

The web site comprises some HTML and PHP files, a small MySQL database, and a couple of gigabytes of uploaded images. I started by copying the Apache VirtualHost definition and all the files to the new server. Then I disabled the old site and replaced it with an "OBI will be back soon" message (to prevent changes to the database as it was being copied). I copied the MySQL database and recreated it on the new server. All that remained was to change the DNS to point to the new server's address.

At this point, if I had been more clever, the old TTL on the A records would have expired, and I could be sure that caches would see the new address relatively soon. But I had discovered by then that this happy state of affairs was still two days in the future, and I didn't want to postpone everything for that long. So I changed the IP address of (preferred) and (tolerated) to immediately.

From past experience, I knew that some people would continue to see the old IP address for a long time, even if I hadn't forgotten to lower the TTLs. In order to avoid inconveniencing these people, I had to make the new site accessible to them somehow. (I didn't want to leave the old site running and try to synchronise the two databases later.) So I created with the new IP address, and configured the old server's Apache to redirect to it.

    RedirectTemp /
    CustomLog /var/log/apache2/obi-redirects.log combined

On the new server, adding "ServerAlias" to my VirtualHost definition was all that I needed to make this work. Since did not exist before, I could be sure that caches wouldn't serve a stale address for it. Only the most observant of the affected users would notice the new name in their browser's location bar, and the site would work fine. Once requests stopped showing up in the log file, I could be reasonably sure that caches had caught up. (Update: three days later, it's mostly only Googlebot that is still hitting the old server.)

If I had remembered to lower the TTLs, would have been no more than the short-lived hack it was meant to be. Since it was alive for two days, however, there's a small chance that someone bookmarked it or linked to it. Since I already redirect from to, I'll just do the same for munin once the caches have updated:

    Redirect permanent /

The site is now working fine in its new home.