pemtrans: Convert OpenSSL RSA private keys to Cryptlib keysets

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

OpenSSL stores private keys in an undocumented PEM format (the key data is DER-encoded and the result is ASCII-armoured), which Cryptlib does not support.

pemtrans reads an OpenSSL RSA private key and the corresponding signed public key certificate, and writes a PKCS #15 keyset that Cryptlib can use. The included manual page explains how to use the program.

Key usage

Cryptlib requires (and respects) the KEYUSAGE attribute on certificates. Some certificates do not contain this attribute, and pemtrans issues a warning when it encounters them, because Cryptlib will probably reject it when you try to use it for something, e.g. in a TLS server.

OpenSSL, by default, does not set KEYUSAGE. This can be fixed by adding a line like the following to openssl.cnf before generating the key and certificate (the attributes specified here are enough for the result to be used in a TLS server):

keyUsage = cRLSign, digitalSignature, keyEncipherment, keyCertSign


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