A little more legroom

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

I've always had trouble fitting my 190cm+ frame into airline seats. Only on the rare occasions when I've made it to the airport before the hordes of (usually much shorter) people who want the front row or emergency exit row seats, have I had a reasonably comfortable flight.

While checking in on a 0615 flight to Kolkata this morning, the chap in queue ahead of me was told that there were no more aisle or window seats available. I resigned myself to an uncomfortable two hours, but asked for an exit row seat anyway. To my pleasant surprise, I was told that some were available, and I could have one for an extra INR 300.

I lost no time forking over the money (which seemed to surprise them), and was duly assigned seat 13F (emergency exit over the wing). At least four of the exit row seats over the wings were unoccupied during the flight, and there were no takers despite an announcement that premium seats were available for a small fee.

If this means I can get an exit row seat on my return flight too, I'm not complaining.