The Advisory Boar

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

Restoring a #4 plane

My grandfather bought me a smoothing plane decades ago, and I was able to restore it and start using it again.

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Relaying from Postfix to gmail

Here's how I configured Postfix to relay mail from through using the credentials set up for on Google Apps.

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Who invented the slicing-by-N CRC32 algorithm?

While searching for a paper by Berry and Kounavis describing their novel technique to calculate CRC32 checksums, I found a strange paper which heavily implies that its authors, from the TKM Institute of Technology in Kerala, invented this algorithm (which they certainly did not).

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Raspberry Pi murder

Wherein I try to make a Raspberry Pi rewrite its own SD card image, without success.

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Fighting voltage fluctuations

The Accurex DPM-3000 lives up to its superhero name by saving a lot of our equipment from extreme voltage fluctuations.

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Namecheap suspended my domain without notification

Namecheap suspended my domain because of a “one-time glitch”, but they owned up to the problem and fixed it quickly.

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The wonders of modern refrigeration

Refrigerators work much better if you don't have frequent power failures.

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Reading about wireguard

The new Wireguard VPN looks very promising.

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Ammu embroidered a kitchen towel

We bought dark kitchen towels to wipe our iron woks, which tend to leave rust-coloured stains—at least temporarily. But Ammu got her hands on one of them, and made it much too pretty to wipe anything with.

Photograph of embroidered kitchen towel

Debian vs. WordPress+Minamaze

On the twelfth day after christmas, my true love said to me, “This wordpress theme won't let me save any customisations. Can you take a look at it?”

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