The Advisory Boar

By Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

More Richard's Pipits

Last christmas, I saw a number of Richard's Pipits at Dadri. Yesterday, on a trip with Ramit and Ammu, I was pleased to make their acquaintance again. We had multiple good views of at least one bird out in the open, and saw and heard a few others in flight.

I noticed this time that, at a distance, the streaking on the back can be more obvious when the bird is running with its head down and body held parallel to the ground than when it stands upright, something that can be seen briefly in this video:

Perhaps when the bird is in its characteristic upright posture, the back feathers are pushed together, and the streaks are shifted out of alignment?

Apart from the pipits, the highlight of the morning was watching three young Peregrine Falcons hunting waders and waterfowl over the lake.

(Meanwhile, a number of Blyth's Pipits have been seen in Karnataka this year. I wonder if there are any at Sultanpur yet?)

Yellow-vented Warbler at CKBS, Kolkata

A possible first record of Phylloscopus cantator from Kolkata.

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Pipits for the new year

A flock of Blyth's Pipits seen several times near Sultanpur was the next surprise in a winter that finally rewarded the years I've spent looking at Paddyfield Pipits.

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Richard's Pipits for christmas

A sighting of Richard's Pipits at Dadri made for an excellent morning despite the cold and foggy conditions.

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Red-throated Pipit at Basai

I saw my first ever Red-throated Pipit at Basai, near Sultanpur.

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Birding in Karnataka, 1–22 October 2010

I'm back after three weeks spent in Karnataka, a state in which my bird-watching experience has been woefully limited until now. With my family, I spent a few days in Bangalore en route to and from Madikeri in Coorg. I also did a hectic two-day birding trip to Manipal and Karkala, but spent most of my time sipping a fine blend of robusta and arabica coffee in a chair on my hosts' front verandah in Madikeri, watching the birds who visited the garden.

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Trip report: Basai, 2010-08-01

At the end of a hectic and stressful week, Hassath and I spent a pleasant morning at Basai.

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Trip report: Okhla Bird Sanctuary, 2010-06-20

A brief midsummer bird-watching trip to Okhla in hot and humid conditions gave good views of all of Delhi's usual Bittern species.

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Trip report: Sultanpur National Park, 2010-06-12

This is a brief report of a visit to Sultanpur and Basai this morning. We (Ramit, Ammu, and I) did not spend much time there, because it became very hot by 0830.

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Trip report: Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, 2010-06-02

Highlights from a morning visit to Asola near Tughlaqabad, including close views of all three species of Delhi's Bee-eaters.

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